Video: TiktoK challenge leads to theft of 642 cars in Chicago

As part of the challlenge, tiktok users are being taught to steel cars. This has led to theft of old kia and Hyundai cars.

A recent Tiktok challenge in Chicago city of the USA has led to 642 cars being stolen. A few videos under the hashtag of Kiaboyz have surfaced on the internet.

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As part of the challenge, Tiktok users are being taught to steal cars. This has led to the theft of several old Kia and Hyundai cars between April and July, in Cook County. In order to steal the cars, participants are supposed to use tips of phone charges or USB cables.

“There were only 74 theft cases reported in the county during the same time in 2021. Vehicle theft is up an astounding 767% due to an emerging TikTok challenge,” the Chicago Police Department’s 15th District said in an advisory, reported RT news.

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