After Irani Chai, Haleem to get costlier in Hyderabad

Price of Hyderabad's Irani Chai increased by Rs. 5

Hyderabad: After the recent hike in the price of Irani Chai, Haleem is set to become costlier in Hyderabad due to the spike in ingredient prices.

Due to COVID-triggered lockdown, most of the Haleem makers did not increase the price of the delicacy despite rise in prices of various commodities.

As most of the restrictions have been eased, the hotel owners are expecting good business this year. However, due to the surge in prices of ingredients, they are left with no option but to hike the price of Haleem in Hyderabad.

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A hike in price is unavoidable due to the fact that the prices of pure ghee, edible oil, dry fruits, and other ingredients have increased up to 100 percent.

Haleem sales likely to rise due to end of Work From Home

Not all but most of the IT companies in Hyderabad have started putting an end to the Work From Home model.

Many other companies have started asking employees to begin work from the office.

As most of the employees who had gone back to their native place after the outbreak of the pandemic are expected to return to Hyderabad, the demand for Haleem is likely to increase.

Price of Hyderabad’s Irani Chai increased

Recently, the price of Hyderabad’s Irani Chai has increased by Rs. 5. The price which was Rs. 15 per cup is now Rs. 20.

The price of Zafrani chai also increased by Rs. 5. The hike is due to an increase in rates of milk, tea powder, and sugar.

Haleem business in Hyderabad

During the Ramzan, many restaurants set up Haleem outlets in Hyderabad. It is not only a business but also a source of employment for many residents in Hyderabad.

The business also leads to rise in the number of orders on food delivery apps such as swiggy, zomato, etc. The rise in orders increases the income of delivery boys too.

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