Bigg Boss 16: MC Stan, Archana Gautam removed from show?

The latest promo of Bigg Boss 16 has left MC Stan and Archana Gautam's fans shocked

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 16 contestants are competing in various challenges and tasks thrown at them in order to stay in the game and reach the finale. As the show is slowly inching towards its grand finale, fans are leaving no chance to motivate and support their favourite housemates. Archana Gautam and MC Stan are the two most loved contestants on the show and viewers are rooting for the duo to become finalists.

MC Stan, Archana Gautam’s Fight In Bigg Boss 16

The latest promo of Bigg Boss 16 has left Stan and Archana’s fans shocked. In the teaser clip, Bigg Boss can be heard taking a strong decision against the duo post their ugly fight over their duties. Bigg Boss states, “MC Stan, Archana aapki negative energy aapko mubarak ho. Agar aapko itna kamzor vyaktitva darshana hai, to mera ye farz hai ki main bhi aapka yahi kamzor vyaktitva aapke fans tak bhi pahunchaun. Ab…”

The video also shows Stan requesting a voluntary exit from the show and breaking Bigg Boss’ property while fuming with anger. While Shiv Thakare tries to calm him down, Sajid Khan tells him to slap Archana and quit the show if he wants to leave.

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Speculations are now rife that Stan and Archana Gautam have been eliminated from Bigg Boss 16 with an immediate effect. The rapper’s absence from the show’s Live Feed has also added more fuel to the rumours. However, there is no official confirmation on this yet.

What’s your take on Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare’s fight? Whom do you support? Comment below.

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