‘BJP is daydreaming, they don’t understand South India’: BRS leader

South India has badly rejected them, says BRS leader

Hyderabad: Responding to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders’ statement that Telangana is the gateway for the party to enter South India, Bharat Rashtra Samithi leader and national spokesperson Dasoju Sravan on Thursday said that the saffron party is daydreaming as far as penetrating South India is concerned.

“South India has badly rejected them. They hardly have footprints here. BJP does not understand South India. The aspirations of South India, the culture of South India, the traditions of South India. BJP knows how to provoke the emotions rather than understanding the aspirations and come out with the public policy and political narrative that compliment the culture and traditions,” he said.

Launching another strong attack at the BJP, Sravan said that the party wants to break the “Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb” in Telangana.

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“In particular Telangana, it is known for Ganga Jamuna tehzeeb. We live like brothers and sisters but unfortunately BJP wants to break that Ganga Jamuna tehzeeb and destroy the social ecosystem which Telangana will reject,” he said.

“They hardly have three seats, within the three seats they have thirty groups in the BJP party. So whether it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah or anyone from BJP comes and camps in Telangana they will not get their footprints. They will surely lose three seats also. They have been pushed to third position further down. Telangana will kick them out,” he added.

Reacting to Home minister Amit Shah and BJP chief JP Nadda’s visit to the State, BRS leader said, “The party don’t have competent leadership in Telangana. People are not willing to accept their narrative. That’s why they want to come to Telangana like flies and create some kind of political atmosphere but I am sure they will fail.”

“Though they have won in Dubbaka, but in the subsequent elections everybody knows what happened. So I think Telangana is not ground for them. They should try their luck in northern India and certainly not in Telangana,” he added.

Heaping praises on Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao led government, he said, “Telangana is the land of development, first in the country. First paddy producer, number one State in terms of providing irrigation water, welfare schemes of Telangana have become role models for the rest of the country. It is Ram Rajya under the leadership of KCR in Telangana. The people have understood the drama of BJP and they will be taught lessons.”

Aiming at the BRS leader said, “BJP believes in propaganda, they think that by a lie will become truth by continuously repeating it. But people of Telangana are smarter than so-called leaders of BJP. So therefore propaganda tactics will not work in Telangana. KCR is a strong and mighty leader and great work has been done in the last nine years.”

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