BJP slams CM Siddaramaiah for his comments on PM

'You are not in a position for sure to make such a statement. The people are talking about you as the weakest CM,' he stated.

Bengaluru: The BJP in Karnataka on Wednesday attacked Chief Minister Siddaramaiah over his remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and called him the “weakest” CM.

Leader of opposition R. Ashoka said, “Mr. Siddaramaiah you are the most weakest and helpless Chief Minister that Karnataka state has ever seen. Congress MLC B.K. Hariprasad has attacked you many times, you have not been able to initiate any action against him or at least defend yourself.”

“You (Siddaramaiah) are in such a helpless state. The DyCM D.K. Shivakumar’s camp talks about the expiry of your CM post whenever they get an opportunity, and you are not able to take any action,” he stated.

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“I have the confidence of saying that PM Modi will continue as the PM of this country for the next five years. If you have the capacity, as you claim, will you be able to announce that you will be the CM for five years in Karnataka?” Ashoka said.

“You are not in a position for sure to make such a statement. The people are talking about you as the weakest CM,” he stated.

The BJP’s Karnataka unit while taking to social media, questioned CM Siddaramaiah, “Within a month after swearing in ceremony, a legislator had written a letter against your administration. Before your government could complete two months, your own MLAs claimed that your validity as the CM is only till the election.”

“Every day, all legislators curse you (Siddaramaiah) for not giving them a penny for development works. Your own son had shouted at you regarding the transfer of an official. 692 farmers have committed suicide before the government could completed six months,” BJP attacked.

“Your brothers are indulging in violence and blasts across the state. Incident of gang-rape in broad daylight are being reported. Within eight months after taking over, Karnataka became the state to be availing maximum loans…. Mr. Siddaramaiah please explain if you call yourself a strong CM even after this.. ,” BJP claimed.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that unlike Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he is a strong CM. “You (PM Modi) can’t initiate action against rebel leader K.S. Eshwarappa, a senior BJP leader contesting against BJP candidate in Karnataka. You are a weak CM,” he stated.

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