Campus Front of India behind hijab conflict in Karnataka, says B.C. Nagesh

Bengaluru: The SDPI-backed CFI (Campus Front of India) is behind the hijab conflict, stated the Education Minister B.C. Nagesh. He further said that everything will be known after the investigation.

Speaking on the modus operandi, he said the CFI-Campus Front of India was behind the hijab conflict in Karnataka. “An investigation is underway and a report is coming soon. I have already spoken with the Home Minister. We have investigated and solved the problem. There will be an investigation to find who is behind it. The investigation is underway, not an order. Some people feel they need to be investigated when they are spreading across the state. After investigating the matter, everything will become clear. Who is behind this incident will be investigated. We will take action on that”, said BC Nagesh.

BC Nagesh said, “Instructed field officers to take the decision on closing school and college. More than 5 thousand PUC colleges are underway conflicted. The officers have been advised to give two days’ leave where law and order becomes a problem.”

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He further added, “The DDPIs have been given leave to negotiate with the DCs. Many students in the state are wearing uniforms. Most of the students are under law enforcement. There were few problems today in many places including Bagalkot and Vijayapur. Discussion with DCs made it clear that DDPUs were instructed to declare shut down.”

Speaking on online education, Nagesh said that it is not adequate. “We have conducted the physical class in our state during the time of COVID while Siddaramaiah demanded online classes. He said all children cannot be bothered for 10-12 college.”

“Children must be disciplined. Law and order must be maintained. Children should come to college wearing uniforms”, he added.

“Students should not work to disturb the peace”, added the Minister.

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