Concerns raised over mismanagement of Minority Welfare funds in Hyderabad

According to a minority right activist, the government have no budget for essential schemes

Hyderabad: The claims of the government regarding minority welfare may appear impressive in and outside the Assembly, with crores of rupees purportedly allocated for the educational and economic development of minorities. However, upon closer examination of the budget expenditure, it becomes evident that the minority welfare budget is being exploited to benefit certain individuals.

According to a minority right activist, the government have no budget for essential schemes like scholarships, fee reimbursement, overseas scholarship scheme, loans for minority candidates, and even the monthly honorarium of poor imams and muezzins. Instead, under the guise of construction, renovation, and infrastructure development in minority institutions, crores of rupees are being channelled to specific contractors with close connections to government officials and individuals in powerful positions.

Many projects in minority institutions are reportedly being awarded to specific contractors without following proper tendering procedures, which is the responsibility of officials for any significant undertaking. This indicates that some officials are allegedly taking advantage of the government’s lack of interest in the Minority Welfare Department to serve not only their interests but also those of their close associates.

MS Education Academy

According to him, the situation in the Minority Residential School Society has reached an alarming state, with numerous issues plaguing its functioning. Government funds in the society are reportedly being utilized without proper monitoring, and the prevalence of seeking commissions for projects worth crores of rupees has allegedly become common. The same contractor, allegedly from Andhra, is being favored for contracts in various minority institutions, including the Urdu Academy, Haj Committee, and Minority Finance Corporation.

Recently, the Urdu Academy allegedly awarded substantial works worth lakhs of rupees to this contractor, with bills being submitted in the name of individuals closely associated with officials as sub-contractors. Surprisingly, the contractor, who does not belong to the minority community, is reportedly being backed by a government advisor and an official from the Residential School Society. Separate completion bills are being filed under different agencies’ names, raising suspicions about financial irregularities.

The transparency surrounding the activities of the Haj Committee and the Urdu Academy has been kept under wraps, with some appointments made in violation of the rules. The relevant orders are locked away in files, and salaries have been disbursed to the appointed individuals.

The alleged financial mismanagement of minority institutions continues unabated, largely due to the government’s lack of interest in overseeing their operations. Despite internal portrayals suggesting otherwise, Muslim organizations, activists, and those concerned for the community should take immediate action to address these issues. According the activists, the welfare of the minority community is at stake, and it is crucial to mobilize for transparency and accountability in the utilization of minority welfare funds.

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