Congress’ 2BHK humorous tweet sparks political stir

Congress tweet has sparked curiosity among political observers.

Hyderabad: A tweet posted by the Congress on Monday, referring to the BRS as ‘2BHK’, has stirred up significant attention on social media. The tweet humorously decoded ‘2B=Bap and Beta, H=Harish, and K=Kavitha’, hinting at the departure of leaders from the BRS.

Amidst a wave of defections from the BRS, the tweet gained traction, particularly as prominent figures, including sitting MPs, MLAs, and former legislators, have recently switched allegiance to the Congress and the BJP.

Notably, on Sunday, BRS MLA Danam Nagender and Chevella MP G. Ranjith Reddy joined the Congress, signaling a significant shift in political alliances in the state.

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Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, also the TPCC President, highlighted his commitment to welcoming leaders from other parties, stating that he would keep the door open until the BRS is devoid of members.

Asserting his determination to counter challenges posed by the BRS and BJP, who have threatened to destabilize the Congress government, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy vowed to demonstrate his political prowess.

The Congress tweet has sparked curiosity among political observers, highlighting the evolving dynamics and intense competition in Telangana’s political landscape.

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