Continental Hospitals’ new centre to provide ‘holistic’ cancer care

Dr Guru N Reddy, chairman of Continental Hospitals, highlighted the need for an advanced oncology care during inauguration

Hyderabad: The Continental Hospitals inaugurated its comprehensive continental cancer centre in Gachibowli recently. The new cancer care centre will provide advanced and holistic cancer care facilities, from preventive to palliative care.

A team of over 30 medical experts, including medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, gastroenterologists, nuclear medicine, genetics, radiology experts, nutrition and preventive oncology experts, psychologists, and palliative care specialists will be available at the centre.

According to a press release, “The centre aims to provide a patient-centric and ethical guideline-based approach, with the motto Total Cancer Care—from Prevention to Palliation by emphasising the principle of value-based healthcare to ensure the patients receive the best possible results for the cost of treatment.”

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Dr Guru N Reddy, chairman of Continental Hospitals highlighted the crucial need for possessing an advanced oncology care infrastructure with a collaborative team of specialists during the launch of the hospital.

“Continental Hospitals has always sought to bring cutting-edge cancer care to patients in India; we were the first cancer centre in the twin states of AP and Telangana to have the TrueBeam STx System and advanced diagnostics to the benefit of all patients,” he added.

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