Couple sues their son, demands grandkids within a year or Rs 5 cr

A widow has filed a complaint with the Haridwar District Court against her son and daughter-in-law, requesting Rs 5 crore in damages if the couple fails to give her a grandchild within the next year.

In a case filed under Section 12 of the Domestic Violence Act, she accused a couple of mental torture of not planning a child.

The woman claims that she and her husband married their son in 2016 and sent the pair on their honeymoon to Thailand with high expectations.

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Their son is a pilot. They claim to have raised him with a lot of love, while also paying for his education in the United States. The mother estimated that Rs 2 crore was spent on the son.

The cost of flying school in the United States was Rs 35 lakhs, the cost of living in the United States was Rs 20 lakhs, and an Audi A6 was Rs 65 lakhs, among other things.

The pair was allegedly influenced by the daughter-in-family, the law’s prompting the mother to seek orders against the in-laws as well.

The petitioner claimed that she and her husband were forced to place an ad in the newspaper in order to be evicted from their home. However, the couple relocated to Hyderabad and stopped communicating.

The mother said that the couple was being influenced by the daughter-in-law’s family and therefore sought orders against the in-laws, as well.

However, the woman claimed that the mental pain caused cannot be compensated by anything.

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