CPI(M) accuses police inspector of harassment under AIMIM influence

Hyderabad: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has raised serious concerns and demanded action against the Humayun Nagar police inspector. In a press conference held today, CPI (M) city secretary M Srinivas expressed his dismay, stating that the inspector has taken on a political role and is acting as a party worker. He accused the inspector of carrying out the orders of AIMIM leaders and targeting CPI(M) leader Arshad Ahmed.

According to M Srinivas, the inspector has threatened to file a rowdy sheet against Arshad Ahmed, a prominent CPI(M) leader from Owaisipura. Arshad Ahmed has been actively involved in addressing the basic issues faced by the local residents and has been representing various departments to find solutions for the people in Ahmednagar division. However, the police inspector seems to be targeting him under the pretext of unauthorized constructions, which is allegedly influenced by AIMIM leaders.

The CPI(M) leader further emphasized that the harassment faced by Arshad Ahmed is a result of concerns over the growing popularity of the CPI(M) in Ahmednagar division. He condemned the excessive actions of the police against party workers and leaders, emphasizing that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

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M Srinivas highlighted that Arshad Ahmed has been facing continuous harassment since the establishment of the party office in Ahmednagar division. Despite raising the issue with Humayun Nagar Inspector in the past, the inspector has reportedly taken unnecessary actions against Arshad Ahmed. Complaints were also lodged with the ACP and DCP, but no action has been taken so far.

The CPI(M) leader urged the authorities to promptly investigate the conduct of the Humayun Nagar inspector and take appropriate action against him. The press conference was attended by R. Venkatesh, Mallesh, Arshad Ahmed, and other party members.

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