Delhi: Protestors harass journalist; force her to chant Jai Shree Ram

Women participants were unable to answer the reason behind the protest.

New Delhi: A journalist working for YouTube channel Janhit Awaz, was hounded by protestors on July 9 in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar as she covered the agitation against the Udaipur murder.

The mob gathered around the journalist, Pooja, harassed her and attempted to intimidate and force the journalist on duty to chant “Jai Shree Ram”. When she refused and said that she is doing her job by asking questions, the group started hounding her and screamed, “Pooja Khan”.

The protest was organised by a right-wing group called Hindu Yuva Sangathan. It was attended by men, women, and children as young as 12 years old.

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As per the reporter, tens and thousands of people had gathered to protest against the recent killing of Kahaiyalal from Udaipur. He was beheaded by two Muslim men, allegedly for supporting the comments of ex-BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma against Prophet Muhammad on June 28.

As the reporter Pooja went about doing her job asking questions regarding the protest, she approached a few women protestors. However, the women appeared clueless as they were unable to reason their protest. One of them even said, “We have come to protest Jai Shree Ram.”

As the reporter continued to question the protestors over the suspension of the Bharatiya Janata party’s national Spokesperson Nupur Sharma, and the alleged linkups of the BJP with the Udaipur murderers, the protestors remained dumbfounded.

The group failing to answer the questions of the reporter appeared to intimidate her and insisted she chant Jai Shree Ram. When she refused his demand, the group started hounding her and screamed, “Pooja Khan”.

You can watch the complete video here.

This is not the first time that journalists on duty have been faced with violent mobs demanding them to chant Jai Shree Ram.

On August 9, 2021, Anmol Pritam, a freelance journalist faced the ire of a mob when he was hounded by Hindutva men forcing him to chant Jai Shree Ram.

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