Eight-year-old boy bites cobra snake to death in Chhattisgarh

Boy was rushed to a hospital where he was administered antisnake venom injection

Raipur: An eight-year-old boy bite a cobra snake twice to death when it got wrapped around his hand. This incident took place in the Jashpur District of Chhattisgarh.

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Speaking to local media, the boy, Deepak, said that the poisonous snake bit him while he was playing in the backyard of his house. The snake also got wrapped around his hand.

Initially, the boy tried to get rid of it. When he failed in his attempt, he bit it hard twice resulting in its death.

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After the incident, the boy was rushed to a hospital where he was administered an antisnake venom injection.

As the snake did not release venom, he was discharged from the hospital after keeping him under observation for a day.

Though the dry bite does not take life, it is painful and symptoms appear in the area of the bite.

Indian cobra snake

Indian cobra snake is found in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. It is different from other snakes as it has a large hood.

The venom of the snake paralyzes muscles by acting on the nerves’ synaptic gaps. In extreme cases, the venom can also lead to respiratory failure or cardiac arrest.

How to react if you encounter a snake

As per experts’ advice, those who encounter a snake must first stay calm and avoid poking it with a stick or picking it up.

Next, they must move to a safer place and if possible, its picture must be taken from a safer distance as it will help a pest control company in identifying the type of snake.

If unfortunately, someone is bitten by a snake, he/she must first seek first-aid before taking help from a medical professional.

The first-aid includes ensuring the person lays or sits down with the bite below the level of the heart. Apart from it, ensure that the person stays calm as it will slows down the spread of the venom.

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