From home to homelessness, woman on footpath with 3 kids

Hyderabad: it is extremely painful for any family to lose their home and become homeless.  There are many families who were forced to live on footpaths due to financial difficulties. There is no one to lend a helping hand to them.

Shaikh Mohammedi, along with her three children is living on Ramakrishna Math bus stop Footpath at Domalguda. Mohammedi was living in a rented house with her husband near a mosque at Gandhinagar.

Recently her husband was sent to Jail due to which she has no support.  The landlord has forced her to vacate her rented home. As a result, this helpless woman is forced to live on the footpath along with her 3 minor children.

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The Telangana government claims to be a welfare state across the country.  It is high time the state government must provide shelter to homeless families.  

She and her kids are now in urgent need of shelter and support from some good samaritan individuals and organizations.

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