Google partners with iFixit to self-repair Pixel phones

The company said it is taking steps to expand repair options for other devices, too.

San Francisco: Tech giant Google has announced that it is working with iFixit to make it easier for independent repair professionals and skilled consumers with the relevant technical experience to access the genuine Google parts they need to repair Pixel phones.

The company said that starting later this year, genuine Pixel spare parts will be available for purchase at for Pixel 2 through Pixel 6 Pro, as well as future Pixel models, in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and EU countries where Pixel is available.

“The full range of spare parts for common Pixel phone repairs, things like batteries, replacement displays, cameras and more, will be available either individually or in iFixit Fix Kits, which include tools like screwdriver bits and spudgers,” the company said in a blogpost.

MS Education Academy

The company said it is taking steps to expand repair options for other devices, too.

“We recently partnered with companies like Acer and Lenovo to launch the Chromebook repair program, helping schools find information about repairable Chromebooks and develop in-house repair programs,” Google said.

“We also introduced Chrome OS Flex, which lets education and enterprise users repurpose old Mac or PC devices to run a version of Chrome OS alongside their Chromebook fleet. This helps users save on hardware costs, effectively recycle unused devices and manage their fleet sustainably and efficiently,” it added.

Meanwhile, iFixit said that each kit comes with the iOpener, the company’s opening tool designed to apply heat directly and evenly to case components joined with adhesive. The kits also include replacement pre-cut adhesive for securing and re-waterproofing your Pixel.

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