How will Eatala ask for votes when Modi plays ‘neech’ politics: Telangana CM Revanth

Meanwhile, Ponnam Prabhakar accused the BJP of putting all the wealth of the country in the hands of Adani. He said that BJP leaders were trying to create a sense of insecurity among the people

Hyderabad: Accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of playing ‘neech’ (despicable) politics, Telangana CM on Monday lashed out at the PM for accusing the Congress of promising to distribute wealth of the people among the Muslims.

Chief Minister Revanth Reddy asked whether such statements made by the Prime Minister will save the pride and respect of the country.

Addressing a Congress rally held in Medchal on Monday, Revanth said that the Prime Minister had no regard for the constitutional guarantees the citizens have for the protection of their property and distribution of land.

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“Distribution of lands even between two brothers happens as per the law and the registration procedure. Even if someone like KCR or KTR tries to grab the land, there are legal protections. Where will Eatala Rajender, who claims to be a communist, hide his head now? How can he still ask for votes here,” he asked.

“I’m a Hindu. God should be in the temple and inside one’s heart. We should drive out those who are playing politics in the name of god beyond our boundaries. How can he play such despicable politics,” Revanth asked.

Because BJP had nothing to speak of, whether it was 2 crore jobs in a year, bringing back black money from the Swiss banks and depositing it in the people’s Jan Dhan accounts, or giving MSP (minimum support price) to farmers, the saffron party was playing politics under the garb of religion.

He said that Modi needed to hide his face in shame for making those statements. Revanth also urged the BRS cadres not to support K Chandrasekhar Rao, whom he has accused of compromising five Lok sabha seats to benefit BJP. He asked them to vote for the Congress candidate for Malkajgiri Sunitha Mahender Reddy instead.

He also challenged Eatala for a debate on how much Central funds he secure for the Huzurabad constituency, which he represented as MLA for almost three years, after winning the by-election there.

“BJP’s candidate talks as if he has Amit Shah in his pockets. Then why couldn’t he get an inquiry ordered on KCR in connection with phone tapping, corruption in the Kaleshwaram project, corruption by KTR, the dharani portal, or the occupied lands around Hyderabad,” Revanth asked.

“Had you developed Huzurabad, why did the people who carried you on their shoulders vote against you in the assembly elections,” he asked, underlining that a vote for BRS would go nowhere else but into the Musi river.

Modi tense after 1st phase: Ponnam

Meanwhile, BC welfare minister Ponnam Prabhakar said that the country was feeling ashamed of Prime Minister’s statements. He said it was clear that after the first phase of Lok Sabha elections Modi has become scared.

Addressing media in Hyderabad on Monday, Ponnam questioned what the prime minister has done for Hindus, who constitute 85 per cent of the population.

Accusing the BJP of putting all the wealth of the country in the hands of Adani, he said that BJP leaders were trying to create a sense of insecurity among the people by disturbing the social harmony by making such statements.

“They are calling the Congress’ manifesto as Muslim League’s manifesto. But our manifesto speaks about the welfare of the underprivileged sections through the Paanch Nyay,” he said.

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