Hyderabad: 8 kgs of gold seized from 4 passengers at RGIA

Gold in the form of solid bars and paste were caught from international passengers on Saturday.

Hyderabad: The Customs officials at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) seized eight kilograms of gold that were being smuggled into the country by four passengers on Saturday. The approximate value of the gold is Rs. 4.86 crore.

In the first case, 2 kilograms of gold bars were found concealed in the trousers of a passenger who arrived from Bangkok. In the second case, 1.78 kilograms of gold bars were found hidden within the clothes recovered from a passenger who also arrived on the same flight from Bangkok.

In the third case, the officials seized 2.17 kilograms of gold paste from a passenger who arrived on a flight from Shahjahan. In the last case, the officials seized 2.05 kilograms of gold in paste form hidden in undergarments by the passenger.

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Further investigation is going on.

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