Hyderabad: ‘Treasure’ trove found at Golconda-era Mushk Mahal

The structure is a 17th century complex from the Golconda period.

Hyderabad: The spotting of a big snake at the historic Mushk Mahal complex – a heritage structure – at Attapur led to rumours of a hidden treasure being discovered at the site on Wednesday.

A group of local youth from nearby localities went to the abandoned Mushk Mahal complex on Wednesday morning to make reels to post on social media platforms. When one of the youngster’s accidentally stepped on a slab stone, a big snake came out of it and crawled away. The youngsters rushed to safety and later found a big cave-like structure behind the stone.

The youngsters soon after informed local people who visited the Mushk Mahal and found the snake. Soon, rumours of a snake ‘guarding a hidden treasure’ under the Mushk Mahal started flying fast in the local media, drawing several people to the spot.

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A local person told media persons that the authorities told the youngsters there could be a tunnel beneath the structure and when youngsters accidentally stepped onto a slab stone it became visible. However, locals people are awaiting the Department of Heritage or local custodians to visit the place and carry out a survey to ascertain the find.

The local people complained of spotting snakes and other creatures frequently in the vast compound of Mushk Mahal. The structure is a 17th century complex that is believed to have belonged to Miyan Mishk, a perfume trader, during the Golconda period (1518-1687). However, the site has been abandoned and left to nature from decades. It may be noted that the state government has in the past made plans to restore it.

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