Karnataka: College students protest Muslim women wearing hijab

Hyderabad: Several students seemingly subscribing to the Hindutva ideology at a government college in Koppa Taluk, Chikmagalur, Karnataka held a protest against female Muslim students who insisted on wearing the hijab within classrooms.

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The hijab seems to have become a controversial issue with the same instance taking place at the college three years ago. Many students have come to the college with saffron shawls to condemn female Muslim students for wearing the hijab for no apparent reason.

This incident comes soon after another government college in Karnataka’s Udupi town banned wearing Hijab, the greeting salaam, and speaking in the Urdu language.

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On January 2, the government college PU for girls in Udupi, Karnataka banned the scarf inside the classrooms. According to administrations, the rule is being followed to ensure uniformity in classrooms.

Further, the six girls of the college in Udupi were protesting against the government decision alleging that the government also prohibited them to use Urdu and Arabic languages in the college.

The students who were protesting said that their parents went to the college to speak with the principal but the principal refused to respond to them.

The year 2021 has witnessed a series of anti-Muslim hate crimes in Karnataka with Hindutva organisations like the Hindu Jagran Vedike calling for the basic rights and freedoms of Muslims to be curbed.

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