Karnataka: Cultivation of Broccoli near Bengaluru boosts farmers’ income

The ideal temperature for cultivating broccoli is around 30 degrees Celsius, making it a viable option for farmers in Devanahalli Taluk, Karnataka.

Bengaluru: In a significant development, farmers in Devanahalli Taluk near Bengaluru, Karnataka have reported a surge in income through the cultivation of foreign broccoli within a short span. The cultivation, primarily of the Echinosin variety, has gained popularity among rural communities due to its quick harvest cycle.

Broccoli is known for its health benefits, particularly its high content of calcium, florets containing beta-carotene, and richness in Vitamin C. Its positive impact on blood circulation and heart health has made it a sought-after crop among local farmers.

With approximately one acre of land dedicated to broccoli cultivation, farmers can yield an impressive 15 to 20 tons per acre.

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The ideal temperature for cultivating broccoli is around 30 degrees Celsius, making it a viable option for farmers in Devanahalli Taluk, Karnataka. Local farmers have shown increased interest in cultivating this crop due to its lucrative returns.

Abhilash, a farmer from Basavanapura, shared his success story with Siasat.com on Wednesday, November 15, stating that broccoli cultivation on 7 to 8 acres of land has proven to be economically feasible. The minimal expenses and resistance to pests make it an attractive option for farmers, providing them with a daily income ranging from 300 to 400 rupees per acre.

In addition to the economic benefits, the Department of Horticulture in Bengaluru Rural District has been actively supporting farmers with expertise and financial aid, enhancing the overall success rate of broccoli cultivation. Officials suggest that the crop’s quality and the proximity to the Bengaluru city market contribute to its profitability.

Farmers in areas like Hosur, Ramanathapura, Chapparadahalli, Jallige, Basavanapura, and Channarayapattana hobli have collectively dedicated 100 hectares to broccoli cultivation. This initiative has not only provided farmers with a stable income but has also positioned broccoli as an export-worthy crop to foreign markets.  

With the Department of Horticulture promoting water-efficient irrigation techniques and providing financial incentives, farmers are optimistic about the continued success of broccoli cultivation in Devanahalli Taluk.

The collaborative efforts between farmers and government agencies highlight the potential of alternative crops in transforming the agricultural landscape and improving the livelihoods of rural communities.

Broccoli is a manmade vegetable. It is a breed of wild cabbage and took years of evolution to reach this stage. It is important to appreciate this human creation for its value in terms of nutrition. It is packed with vitamins C, B, and K, Potassium, and iron with a bit of protein, fats, and cabs. 

But Broccoli is still not a popular vegetable in India, which is being grown in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and Uttarakhand. 

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