Karnataka: PM Modi makes a strong pitch for return of BJP

PM Modi said that people of Karnataka should be cautious and not give them (Congress party) an opportunity "to play their game".

Davanagere: Making a powerful pitch for the return of the BJP government in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday urged the people of the State where Assembly polls are due by May, to give the party a full majority for a stable government.

Stressing that fast-paced development was the need of the hour, he urged the people of Karnataka to help bring the State out of the “politics of manipulation”. The BJP wanted to make the State a driving force of developed India, while the Congress looked at it as “an ATM that fills the treasury of its leaders”, he alleged.

“Karnataka has seen a long period of opportunistic and selfish coalition governments. Karnataka has faced losses due to such governments. So, for fast-paced development of Karnataka, BJP’s full majority, and stable government is needed,” Modi said.

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Addressing a mega public meeting here, he asked, “When no one gets full majority, will Karnataka be in bad shape or not? Do you want a strong and stable government or not? Do you want a government with full majority or not?

“The first job should be to bring Karnataka out of the politics of manipulation and take it forward at a fast pace,” he said.

Speaking at the rally held to mark the culmination of the BJP’s statewide ‘Vijay Sankalpa Yatre’ ahead of the Assembly polls, Modi asked the people if they wanted him to serve them and Karnataka. “If I have to serve you and do something for you, I will need BJP’s strong government in Karnataka, and you will have to make BJP win and bring in its strong government,” he asserted.

‘Vijaya Sankalpa Yatres’ had begun earlier this month from four different directions across the State, in specially-designed vehicles or “rathas”, and have covered all 224 Assembly segments.

Targeting the opposition Congress, Modi said its leaders had been “wandering with a bag of false guarantees” ahead of elections. He claimed that the promises Congress had made ahead of polls in Himachal Pradesh did not find mention in their recent budget there.

“Can we trust Congress that makes false promises? Should they be allowed to place a step inside Karnataka or should they be thrown out,” he asked, adding that people of Karnataka should be cautious and not give them an opportunity “to play their game”.

Claiming that the Congress did not have any positive agenda for the country and Karnataka, Modi alleged that the opposition party had been dreaming and even publicly saying, “Modi teri kabr kudegi” (Modi, your grave will be dug).

“But they don’t know that the people of Karnataka are saying, ‘Modi tera Kamal khilega’ (Modi, your lotus will bloom),” he said

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