KTR appeals to international businesses to invest in Telangana

Hyderabad: While speaking at a meet and greet program organised by expatriate Indians at the Indian Cultural Center of Milpitas, on Wednesday, Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao, termed the state as independent India’s most ‘successful startup’.

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KTR who is currently touring the United States with the intention to attract investors to the state said that in seven years since its inception, the state’s per capita income rose by 130 percent.

He explained how the state, under the dynamic leadership of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, is growing at a rapid pace and how equitable growth can be achieved across sectors.

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“In 2014, Telangana was formed. Many had doubts as to what will happen? How will things run? Do the political leaders have it in them to take Telangana to a higher level? What would happen to the diverse and cultural fabric of Hyderabad? Questions regarding IT and more,” he said.

“But today Telangana is the fourth largest economy contributor, according to the RBI. It has become a powerful economic engine,” he added.

He urged the audience present to invest in the state by participating in the “Mana Orru Mana Badi ” welfare scheme.

Speaking to the audience he said, “You can, through the portal, choose the school you want to donate to. Contribute more generously and give back more generously. We are planning to do a massive upgrade of educational schools in Telangana.”

He said that rural and urban development go hand in hand. “Telangana is one of those rare states while diverse sectors such as agriculture and IT both are growing at breakneck speed,” KTR said.

KTR also added that IT giants such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Novartise to name a few, have invested in Telangana.

“Hyderabad offers the best value proposition in the entire country. It is easy to do business here. I urge and appeal to those of you present here who are running IT consultancies or have startup ideas to invest in Telangana,” he said.

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