Kuwait: Food security committee to be set up amid poultry price hike

Dubai: A number of Kuwaitis and expats have been complaining of unprecedented price rise of food items including poultry.

The prices of poultry products have shot up by 20 percent, however officials have denied reports on price hike. The ministry of Commerce and Industry has stated that it did not allow for any increment. Earlier the poultry sector had taken advantage of the minimum margin that was set by the ministry.

A few markets have recently opted for the maximum price, while others have even canceled offers and discounts on these (including poultry) products. These moves have impacted the consumers considerably. Supply centers have received chicken weighing 1,200 kgs, which is quite new for Kuwaitis, reported Al Rai newspaper.

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The ministry had rejected poultry producers request to increase the prices. The ministry further said that it will keep a check on the price rise for which a committee will be set up.

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