List of countries with powerful passports: Know where India stands

As per VisaGuide, Spain's passport is the most powerful.

The list of the top 10 countries with powerful passports includes nations from Europe, with Spain securing the top spot.

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In the compilation of countries with powerful passports by VisaGuide, India ranks 132nd globally.

List of top 10 countries with powerful passports

To create this list, VisaGuide calculated a ‘destination significance score’ for each country based on various factors, including:

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  1. Number of destinations passport holders can enter without needing a visa.
  2. Requirements for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).
  3. eVisa.
  4. Passport-free entry.
  5. Banned entry.

Spain attained the highest score, making its passport the most powerful. As of December 2023, Spain’s passport allows visa-free entry to 160 countries and territories, and holders can access many countries with just an ID card.

India ranks 134th on list

India is placed at 134th position in the list of countries with powerful passports as Indian passport holders enjoy visa-free access to 29 countries. Additionally, they benefit from passport-free entry in two countries.

Moreover, 28 countries offer visa on arrival and 37 provide eVisa options.

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