Lock Upp: Video of Zeeshan Khan physically assaulting Azmah Fallah

It all started when Azmah passed a comment on Zeeshan's girlfriend

Mumbai: Things got intense inside Lock Upp after two popular contestants Zeeshan Khan and Azmah Fallah locked horns with each other. The argument between them got escalated so much so that Zeeshan pushed Azma and hit her face with a broom.

It all started when Azma passed a comment on Zeeshan’s girlfriend that how she must be begging at everyone’s feet to get work. This irked him after which he picked up her suitcase and threw it away on the jail terrace. He warns her to not comment again otherwise he would break her face with the hammer. He then destroys her bed, medicines and other stuff. When the argument got worsened, Zeeshan in anger pulls a broom from Azma’s hand and hits her on the face and pushes her hard. Payal Rohatgi and other contestants intervene and try to stop him.

Video of their ugly fight is now circulating on social media. Watch it below.

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Zeeshan Khan has now been eliminated from Lock Upp with an immediate effect. What’s your take your his eviction? Was it a right decision by the makers to remove him off from the show?

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