Maher Zain’s heartfelt Naat takes internet by storm in Ramzan

The Naat-e-Sharief has garneredĀ more thanĀ 79 million views on YouTube within 10 months

Stockholm: The holy month of Ramzan is going on and Muslims across the world offer prayers, listen and recite Quran, Naats and Hamd more than they do in other months. During this holy month, people also listen Naat-e-sharief (Poem with praise of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W) and Hamd (Poem with praise of Almighty Allah) on YouTube and from past few years, every two or three Naats trend all over the globe during Ramzan. During this year’s Ramzan, Lebanese-Swedish singer Maher Zain’s voice is trending all over the internet.

Yes, the Naat-e Sharief ‘Muhammad (PBUH) Rahmatun Lil Alameen sung by Maher Zain is trending on the internet nowadays. Hundreds of thousands of reels and YouTube shorts are doing rounds on social media platforms which feature Maher Zain’s voice in the background. The Naat-e-Sharief has garnered more than 79 million views on YouTube within 10 months.

About the Naat-e Sharief

The ‘Rahmatun Lil Alameen Naat-e-Sharief’ is one of the poems Maher Zain has sung. The lyric video is produced by Awakening Music and directed by Emrah Ozbilen.  Habibi Ya, Ya Muhammad (PBUH) means ”My Beloved, O Muhammad SAW.” The lyrics and soulful voice behind this Naat-e-sharief is what made it trending. The Naat-e-sharief makes you emotional and people find peace while listening to it.

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About Maher Zain

Maher Zain studied Aeronautical Engineering and after graduation , he linked up with Moroccan-born Swedish producer RedOne. Zain became a very popular singer because of his voice in the US but after returning home to Sweden, he decided to not produce music anymore. He became the singer of R&B music and started singing Naat and Hamd only. Zain has worked with Awakening Records and given several hit Islamic songs. Currently, he only sings Naat and Hamd and is one of the popular Nasheed artists in the Muslim world.

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