Mango supply falls in Telangana, prices soar, fruit dealers, customers discontented

Hyderabad: Wholesale mango dealers in Secunderabad’s Monda market in Hyderabad have expressed discontentment over the low production of mango this year due to the absence of rainfall in the summer season and as a result, prices have soared in comparison with last year.

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The dealers feared the mango prices would rise as compared to last year.

The fruit has arrived in Indian markets. The quantity remains on the lower side and the prices continue to soar: Mango sold for 50 per kg last year and is now sold at 150 per kg this year.

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Speaking to ANI, Sanjay, a retailer, said that Kesar mangoes which are the sweetest ones are being sold for Rs 250 per kg.

“Kesar mangoes are Rs 250 per kg and we are getting it for Rs 220 per kg from the wholesale market. These are the sweetest of all and have a lot of demand. Rasaal which comes from Vijaywada is priced at Rs 100 per kg, Himayath is Rs 400 per kg, and Daseri is Rs 200 per kg. The mangoes hit the market very late this year,” he said.

“The customers are not purchasing mangoes as they are costly. As there was no rain, there is a decline in production. By this time the whole market would have been filled with mangoes but this year it’s very less,” the retailer added.

Another customer Lakshman Ram also expressed his dissatisfaction over the rising prices of mangoes this year.

“Hapuz Mangoes come from Mumbai. They are very costly. The taste is good and Kesar also tastes nice. The prices are high,” he said.

Shyam, a customer who had come to buy mangoes for the family said that due to the low production in the state this year, there is “no guarantee of the fruit in the coming days”.

“It’s getting difficult to get mangoes from the market. We used to get a trolly full of mangoes but now we are getting very little as the prices are high. As there are no summer rains, the mango yield is low and the price has soared. Last year the prices were low. It was Rs 50 per kg and now it’s Rs 150 per kg. In the coming days, there is no guarantee of the mangoes in state markets,” he said.

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