MS education repeats success story in North India

Hyderabad: MS Education Academy repeats its success story in UP’s Unnao district with100% result in CBSE exam as all students of MS Super International School Unnao passed the CBSE 10th grade exam.

Attaur Rehman by obtaining 98.2% got the distinction of being the topper of the  Unnao district. Apart from him, Areeba Khan got 94.6% marks and Shafa Sadiq got 91.6% marks. Other 3 students of the school secured 90% and above marks while 25 students obtained 70% and above in addition to 39 students who got 60% or above marks. Thus, all the 55 students of MS Super International School Unnao passed the CBSE exam this year and the school got a double distinction of having topper of the district and getting 100% success result.

The managing director of MS Education Academy Anwar Ahmed and senior director Moazzam Hussain of MS Education Academy congratulated Attaur Rahman.

MS Education Academy

Anwar Ahmed and Moazzam Hussain congratulated the students, teachers and parents for achieving good results in the very first year of MS Super International School.  

On this occasion, Ataur Rahman thanked his parents, teachers and management of MS Super International School Unnao. He expressed his desire to become a doctor by getting coaching in MS Lateefi 40 run under MS Education Academy Hyderabad.

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