Muslim groups to ‘unite against hate’ in Hyderabad on March 3

Muslim groups claimed that there were communal forces that were trying to make an atmosphere of hatred within the country

Hyderabad: Amidst the atmosphere of hatred in the country, eminent Muslim religious and social organisations have decided to conduct a day-long Telangana state-level Muslim convention on March 3 in Hyderabad to discuss the contemporary hardships faced by the Muslim community in India, including Telangana.

It was collectively decided by the representatives of Tahreek Muslim Shabban, Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadees, Shariah Faisla Board, MPJ, WPI, Wahdat Islami, Shia Council, All India Seerat Committee, and other prominent organisations that a convention should be held to raise awareness among the people, especially Muslims.

The Muslim religious and social organisations recently conducted a meeting where Muslim leaders expressed dismay over the attack on religious identity, culture, and heritage.

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Ditching the “wait and watch” theory, they felt that it was not going to protect the community’s interests, and thus, all organisations must legally fight the challenges by exploring different techniques provided by the law.

They alleged that there were communal forces that were working hard to establish an atmosphere of hatred within the country, deciding that it was crucial to spread awareness to tackle these negative elements in the society.

Lawful solutions

The organisations decided in the meeting that they would make the Places of Worship Act 1991 their sole base regarding the Gyanvapi Masjid case and would not accept any biassed decision made on the basis of twisted and fabricated history or faith. They asserted that the Muslim community will reject any legislation that goes against the Shariah.

They further said that anything aimed at attacking mosques, seminaries, or Shariah would not be tolerated.

It is being reported that the proposed convention would be attended by Ulemas, Mashaiqeen, Imams, Khateebs, and social activists from across Telangana. They will pass a resolution regarding important issues.

Furthermore, the leaders of prominent secular political parties will also be invited to the concluding session, where they will also be informed about the resolutions with an expectation of their support for the cause.

Silence of media

Tehreek Muslim Shabban president Mohammad Mushtaq Malik expressed denouncement over the demolition of the 600-year-old Mahroli Mosque in Delhi, Mariam Madrasa in Haldoni, Uttarakhand, and the handing over of land belonging to a Dargah in Baghpat to a temple.

“If mainstream parties stopped condemning such demolitions, this trend would pick up, and no mosque or madrasa would be safe from communal forces,” he lamented.

He said that the Telangana Muslim Convention would be attended by leaders belonging to all schools of thought and sects.

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