Numaish 2024: Lip-smacking Haleem set to return to Hyderabad!

The world-famous Pista House is gearing up to serve its delectable Haleem to lakhs of visitors this year too

The special bond between Hyderabadis and Haleem is truly unique!

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Haleem is undoubtedly one of the most awaited dishes of the year. It takes centre stage, especially during the holy month of Ramzan. This lip-smacking, mouth-watering delight, with its unique texture, becomes a must-have for many during the holy month. People eagerly await the arrival of Ramzan for the sole purpose of indulging in Haleem.

The city, known for offering various off-season Haleem options, witnesses a different taste and aroma during the month of Ramzan, making the experience incomparable. Well, Haleem ko Ramzan mein Iftar ka baad khaane ka maza he kuch aur hai, agree?

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Haleem Season Arrives In Hyderabad!

Among the numerous Haleem options, Pista House’s Haleem stands out as the most hyped, favourite, and eagerly awaited one. The good news for Haleem lovers is that Pista House’s Haleem is set to return in Hyderabad in just one more day. Yes, you read that right! You might be wondering, Ramzan is still two months away, so how is Pista House serving Haleem now?

Well, it’s all happening at Numaish. The renowned exhibition is scheduled to start on January 1st, and just like every year, the world-famous Pista House is gearing up to serve its delectable Haleem to lakhs of visitors this year too.

As you enter Numaish from Gate No 2, you won’t miss the large and inviting Pista House stall. Visitors can be seen savouring their popular Zafrani chai and mutton Haleem. The irresistible aroma of Haleem will likely make you pause at the stall, indulge in a bowl of this lip-smacking dish, and then resume your shopping.

In an interview with, Mohammed Abdul Mohsi, the Managing Director at Pista House, expressed, “Similar to previous years, we will have a huge Pista House stall near Gate no 2 this year as well. It’s remarkable how every year an increasing number of people visit Numaish primarily to indulge in haleem. We’ve received tremendous responses from visitors in past years, and we are expecting a similar trend this year as well.”

“The demand for haleem at Numaish is very huge, often resulting in us being sold out by 10 or 10:30 pm only,” he added.

“The stall setup is already in place, and pre-production work for Haleem has commenced; we are well-prepared. Additionally, we contribute to student employment by offering part-time job opportunities,” Mohsi said.

Haleem k baad Chai to banti hai! Speaking about the same, Mohsi said, “In addition to Haleem, our Zafrani chai continues to be a bestseller at our stall, we received a fantastic response last year. Furthermore, we are introducing a new item this year – broasted chicken, one of the most popular items across all our outlets, now available for our customers at Numaish.”

When questioned about biryani, Mohsi explained, “Biryani is a complete meal that requires a proper dining area and table to enjoy. Therefore, we won’t be able to offer it at Numaish. Haleem, on the other hand, can be enjoyed conveniently anywhere, as you can simply stand and savour it.”

The wait is almost over, and Hyderabadis can’t contain their excitement as they look forward to relishing the iconic Pista House Haleem once again at Numaish 2024!

Everything About Numaish 2024

The much-awaited 83rd All India Industrial Exhibition (AIIE), popularly known as Numaish, is set to make a dazzling return on Monday, January 1. This large expo will run for around 46 days, commencing on the New Year and concluding on February 15.

Renowned for its diverse offerings, Numaish boasts a plethora of joy rides, a variety of eateries, food stalls, and shopping stalls representing regions from across India. Visitors can look forward to an immersive experience featuring entertainment options galore. Can’t wait!

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