Omicron: No patient needed oxygen or ventilator till now in Telangana

Hyderabad: A total of 60 coronavirus patients are admitted to the city’s Chest Hospital and Fever Hospital but till now none has needed oxygen or a ventilator.

A coronavirus wing has been set up in King Koti hospital but till date, no patient has been admitted. All those who were tested positive are given Corona kits and advised home Quarantine.  If other members of any household are found to be having coronavirus symptoms they are being given medicines instead of testings.

According to the government hospital’s renowned doctors, the patients are getting recovered soon with the medicine supplied by the health department.

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In Fever hospital, twenty patients are under treatment,” said the Hospital superintendent Dr K Shankar. “None of these patients’ condition is serious, they are admitted in the hospital as they have no  Quarantine facility in their households.”

“The Delta infected patients needed admission within 3 days of their infection as they were suffering from breathing problems and lung infection but this is not the case with the Omicron variant. The patients are getting fully recovered within 5 days,” Dr Shankar said.

Dr Mehboob Khan superintendent Chest Hospital said that the patients visiting the hospital are subjected to complete check up. “It was found that there is absolutely no adverse effect on the vital organs of the patients which was not the case with Delta variant as not only the vital organs but even blood was being affected.  None of the patients admitted in the hospital needed oxygen, they are absolutely healthy,” he informed.

Dr N Nagendra superintendent of Osmania hospital informed that a separate wing has been set up in the hospital where a team of 15 doctors are appointed.  “All those who are visiting the hospitals are subjected to Rapid antigen testing. All those found to be positive are provided with kits and allowed to go home,” he said.

Doctors and medical team have taken a sigh of relief as the patients coming to the government hospitals do not require oxygen or ventilators in the current wave of coronavirus.

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