Pakistan: At least 50 Hindus convert to Islam; activists express anger

Qari Taimur Rajput, one of the caretakers of the organisation that held the conversion event confirmed that 10 families have converted to Islam.

Islamabad: Hindu activists in Pakistan have expressed their grief and anger over mass conversions in Sindh.

At least 50 Hindus converted to Islam in the ceremony that was conducted at a local seminary, Baitul Iman New Muslim Colony. It was attended by Mohammad Shamroz Khan, the son of minister for religious affairs Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood, The Express Tribune reported.

Faqir Shiva Kucchi, a Hindu activist who raises his voice against the practice, said that “it seems the state itself is involved in these conversions”, The Express Tribune reported.

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He added that local community members have been demanding the government to initiate legislation against the practice for several years.

“The conversions in Sindh are a serious issue and instead of taking measures to stop it, the federal minister’s son is part of the conversion,” he said.

“It is a matter of great concern for all of us (Hindus). We feel helplessness,” he said.

Kuchhi added that most of the converts were economically underprivileged and the local religious leaders take advantage of the fact.

“They offer them financial support and convert them easily,” he alleged, Express Tribune reported.

At least 50 family members from ten families residing in different areas of the Mirpurkhas division have converted to Islam, The Express Tribune reported.

Qari Taimur Rajput, one of the caretakers of the organisation, confirmed that 10 families have converted to Islam.

“They all willingly converted to Islam. No one has forced them,” Rajput claimed quoting Khan.

He also reportedly inquired from the new converts whether they willingly took the step during the conversion ceremony which was also attended by several local residents, The Express Tribune reported.

Rajput added that 50 people converted, including 23 females and a year-old infant.

The converts will stay in a local facility specially established for the new Muslim converts in 2018.

During their four-month-long stay at the facility, the new converts will study and learn their new religion and the organisation will provide for their needs, including clothes, food and medicine, The Express Tribune reported.

They are free to leave or return to the facility during their stay.

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