Pinni to Gond ke Ladoo, enjoy winter season with these energy-giving desserts

Winter is finally here and though the Indian festive season has concluded, this magical time of the year, calls for delicious meals and soulful winter desserts that along with being delicious are also good for the body.With temperatures dipping, the urge to lap up warm foods is on the rise and local sweet shops have been lined with everything you need to eat this winter including halwas, pinnies and ladoos. Let’s take a look at some of these delicacies.

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Gond Ka Ladoo

Prepared from gond or edible gum, desi ghee (clarified butter), roasted wheat flour, chopped nuts, and raisins along with a number of warming spices like nutmeg and cardamom, this chunky and crunchy sweet is a power-packed dessert.

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The ingredients of Gajak, which include jaggery, peanuts, sesame seeds, etc, weave magic together and result in an irresistible dessert. The irresistible taste of these sweets will make you want to have more than just one.

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Panjiri (also called pinni) is a simple sweet snack that is often made in bulk at the start of winter and enjoyed throughout the season, as they have a long shelf life. It’s known to generate heat in the body and fuel us with loads of energy.

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Til Ka Ladoo

There are several variations of the til ka ladoo recipe, but the two main ingredients of this winter sweet are til or sesame seeds and jaggery. These too are prepared in huge batches at home and are stored in air-tight containers to make them last the season.

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