Post backlash, Gauahar Khan defends her tweet supporting Ranbir Kapoor

Gauahar Khan opened up on her cryptic tweet and said that her tweet was not "just with what Ranbir Kapoor said".

Mumbai: Actor Gauahar Khan is famous for being opinionated and raising her voice on important matters. Recently, she had come in support of her Rocket Singh co-star Ranbir Kapoor who faced heat for ‘body-shaming’ his wife Alia Bhatt.

For the unversed, Ranbir, in a Live session pointed at Alia’s baby bump and said, “Well I can say somebody has phailoed (referencing her weight gain),” adding that it was a “joke”. His comment irked a section of social media users and slammed him. Following this, in a cryptic tweet, Gauahar Khan defended the actor’s comment.

She said that light-hearted banter between husband and wife is also not allowed these days. Gauahar Khan added, “Take a chill pill yaar, take light, it will resolve a lot of the issues in the world.” Following this, she received massive backlash from netizens for supporting ‘body-shaming’.

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In an interview with Hindustan Times, Gauahar Khan opened up on her cryptic tweet and said that her tweet was not “just with what Ranbir Kapoor said or how it was perceived”.

Gauahar Khan further added, “I’m generally talking about life and how people’s tolerance level has hit rock bottom. Anything that is said is sensitive to anyone and everyone. Where is the [sense of] humour? Where are the people taking things in jest? If he was saying that to a stranger, of course, people can take offence to that. But that’s his wife, for God’s sake! I feel people should take humour for the way it is [meant]. Unless it is obnoxious or is in the racist zone or something extreme… But it’s Ranbir’s wife. Chedhkhaani nahin hoti [between spouses]? Hum kitna dekhte the films mein… I have seen my parents [teasing each other]. People need to relax.”

Gauahar Khan was also slammed for sharing her opinions on Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss to which she replied, “If anyone turns around and asks me why I had an opinion on Bigg Boss, then hello! It’s a show about opinions.”

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