Rahman’s book on contribution of Muslims in freedom movement is praiseworthy effort

Syed Ubadidur Rahman has been doing exceptional work highlighting the contributions of the Indian Muslims in nation’s freedom movement. His latest book Biographical Encyclopedia of Indian Muslim Freedom Fighters is making headlines. He has published three very well meaning books including Ulema’s Role in India’s Freedom Movement With Focus on Silk Letter Movement (Reshmi Rumal Tehrik and Muslim Freedom Fighters: Contributions of Indian Muslims in the Freedom Movement.

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All the three books mentioned above have been authored maintaining high standards of scholarship. The author has based his research on standard research works available in Urdu and English besides government documents, travelogues and biographies. Every claim made by the author is backed by solid evidences, strong proofs and references.

He has done his best to bring forth unknown facets of the freedom movement.

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His books provides solid academic evidence proving beyond any iota of doubt that Muslims played pivotal role at every stage of the freedom movement and led and supported it from the beginning to its eventual success. In the first war of independence that has been called ‘Mutiny’, every class of Muslim society offered huge sacrifices for the cause. The author has detailed many of these sacrifices that stir the heart of the reader. Many Muslims who sacrificed their lives include Ulema. At the same time there were many from among peasantry, government officials, nawabs and courtiers. In the latter stages of the freedom movement, Muslims played critical role in ensuring that the nation got the much needed freedom from the clutches of the brutal colonial rulers.

The work that is being undertaken by Syed Ubaidur Rahman is of immense significance. This year is celebrated as platinum jubilee of the freedom of the nation. Unfortunately, there are communal forces in the country that want the Muslims to be isolated from national mainstream. Against this background, the author has brought forward a bright chapter of our shared history.

The glowing accolades that the books are getting from academic circles and the importance that the mainstream media is giving to Syed Ubaidur Rahman’s work, especially his latest book, Biographical Encyclopedia  of Indian Muslim Freedom Fighters suggest that his efforts are bearing fruits.

There is a need, more than ever before, to render these books into Hindi, Urdu and other languages. This must be made available to every section of population across the country.

Syed Sadatullah Husaini is the President (Amir) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind
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