Samsung developing special OLED panels for new iPads

These panels might also be used in some Apple Macs.

San Francisco: Samsung is reportedly prioritising the development of special OLED panels that will be used in certain iPad models in 2024.

Earlier, the tech giant wanted to make full-cut OLED panels but after looking at the potential demand for OLED panels for iPads, Samsung has started the development of two-stack tandem OLED panels, reports SamMobile.

These panels might also be used in some Apple Macs.

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Two-stack tandem OLED panels include two layers of pixels instead of one and this hybrid technology will offer higher brightness and longer life than existing OLED panels which are used in smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, TVs and laptops.

OLED panels have a shorter lifespan and burn-in issues, and Apple wants to solve those issues with new panels.

The two-stack OLED panels that Apple will use are less advanced than full-cut OLED panels.

From a business perspective, the company should develop panels with greater demand in the future. So, Samsung Display has put off developing full-cut OLED screens.

Samsung has been supplying OLED panels to Apple since the first Apple Watch. After that, it broadened the supply of OLED panels for iPhones, the report said.

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