Sana Khan gives a glimpse of her lavish home [Photos]

Sana Khan, who is an active social media user, often keeps treating her followers with glimpses of her daily life and routine

Mumbai: Sana Khan is now back to the bay after completing her first Haj. She returned from Saudi Arabia last week after performing her pilgrimage with husband Mufti Anas Saiyad.

The former actress, who is an active social media user, often keeps treating her followers with glimpses of her daily life and routine. Sana, who enjoys a massive fan following of 5.1M on Instagram, on Thursday gave a sneak-peek of her lavish house.

Taking to her photo-sharing app, Sana Khan dropped a few beautiful pictures of herself dressed in black suit and black hijab. “Beautiful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful,” she wrote. The lavish background is something that caught our attention. While it is not clear if the pictures are of Sana Khan’s Mumbai abode or her home in Saudi, let us tell you that the space is all things royal and classy and the photos are just unmissable! Check them out below.

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Sana Khan recently revealed why she chose to quit showbiz and vowed to wear a hijab forever in life. She said that despite having everything, she was not happy. “In my past life of course, I had everything, name, fame, money. I could do anything and everything that I wanted but one thing that was missing was – peace in my heart. I was like I have everything but why am I not happy? It was very tough and there were days of depression, there were days of Allah’s message that I could see through his signs,” she said in her interview with Muttawiffy Hujjaj South Asia.

She continued, “In 2019 I still remember, during Ramadan, I used to see a grave in my dreams. I would see a burning, blazing grave and I could see myself in the grave. I didn’t see the empty grave, I saw myself. I felt this is the sign that God is giving me that if I don’t change, this is what my end is. That got me a little anxiety. I still remember the changes that were happening. I would listen to all the motivational Islamic speeches and one night I remember reading something so beautiful. The message said that you don’t want your last day to be your first day of wearing hijab. That is something that touched me so deep.”

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