Shocking updates about Mahekk Chahal, she was on ‘ventilator’

Mahekk Chahal in fact, shared a video also on her Instagram handle where she talked about her health

New Delhi: ‘Naagin 6’ actress Mahekk Chahal, who was admitted to hospital in first week of January after she felt severe chest pain, is now back home.

The actress shared in detail about cough and cold led to lung infection and pneumonia.

Mahekk told IANS: “I was basically travelling a lot in December. I went to the US and was having a slight cold and cough. I just took it casually and then after coming back, I went to Delhi and despite having a cold and cough, I just kept traveling, went to Jaipur and then again back to Mumbai. I started shooting for my show ‘Naagin’. I was taking warm water and Vitamin C, that we usually take but never realised the seriousness of my deteriorating health.”

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The actress, who emerged as the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 5’ and also participated in the action-based reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 11’, revealed further on how things became worse for her in January.

She in fact, shared a video also on her Instagram handle where she talked about her health and mentioned that never take cough and cold lightly.

She added: “In January I started having pain in my chest, although normally in such a situation you feel pain in your throat, but I felt in my chest. My oxygen level went extremely down and all the symptoms were quite similar to Covid. I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where doctor asked me to undergo a CT scan immediately.”

The actress continued to recall how both of her lungs got infected: “Then it came out that both my lungs were infected with pneumonia. And the doctor is like you will have to get oxygen because you’re not able to breathe properly until I don’t put you on some medication for your chest, it won’t go. And then after that, I was in the hospital for more than a week.”

“After nine or ten days I’m back, my mom is taking care of me and it will take time for me to recover,” she concluded.

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