Telangana assembly polls: Bandi Sanjay dares AIMIM to contest outside Hyderabad

Even the Muslim community will not accept you, says BJP leader

Karimnagar: BJP National General Secretary Bandi Sanjay Kumar has criticized the AIMIM party, challenging them to contest the upcoming assembly elections across Telangana rather than limiting their contests to Hyderabad.

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“If you (AIMIM) work for the development of minorities, if you work for the development of the old city, if you are human, and if you have guts, contest across Telangana. Why are you not coming outside Hyderabad?” Bandi Sanjay said while speaking to the media on Wednesday.

“If you want to limit yourself to Hyderabad and accept money from whichever party is in power, then do so. Even the Muslim community will not accept you,” he alleged.

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“They simply provoke people by organizing a few meetings. The Muslim community is also ready to teach a lesson to the AIMIM party,” the BJP leader said.

Bandi Sanjay further criticized the AIMIM party, stating, “Many Muslim leaders from the old city have talked to me and said that Bandi Sanjay is right; Bandi Sanjay wants to transform the old city into a new one. What is wrong with it? Why is AIMIM not making an old city a new city? If you have guts, answer this: Why are you not contesting outside Hyderabad?”

“You ruined the lives of your candidates for the AIMIM party. Who is saluting Darussalam and becoming slaves to the AIMIM party? Who is taking money in suitcases to Darussalam? Who is compromising for the votes of one section of society? The people know all of this,” he alleged.

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