Telangana Congress initiates Minority Development Declaration ahead of elections

Hyderabad: With an eye on the forthcoming assembly elections, the Congress party has embarked on to formulate a comprehensive declaration focused on enhancing the educational, social, and economic prospects of the minority communities. In pursuit of this objective, the Minorities Declaration Draft Committee convened at Gandhi Bhavan, chaired by Mohammad Ali Shabbir.

The meeting, attended by notable figures including AICC Secretary Mansoor Ali Khan, General Secretary In-charge of Telangana, Manikrao Thakre, Zafar Javed, Sheikh Abdullah Sohail, Mohammad Azharuddin, Azmatullah Hussaini, Maulana Qusro Pasha Biyabani, Obaidullah Kotwal, Deepak Jan Uzma Shakir, Prof. Mohammad Riaz, Mohammad Faheem Qureshi, Mohammad Rashid Khan, among others, underscored the party’s commitment to the upliftment of minority communities

During the meeting, a unanimous decision was reached to solicit recommendations from representatives of religious and social organizations. Intellectuals and scholars from the minority community will also be actively engaged to contribute their insights, subsequently shaping the declaration. To facilitate this collaborative effort, a dedicated desk will be established at Gandhi Bhavan to receive suggestions from stakeholders.

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In addition to the declaration, promises catering to minority welfare will be embedded within the Congress election manifesto. The envisioned Minorities Declaration is set to be disseminated to every minority voter’s residence, highlighting the party’s commitment to addressing their concerns.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Mohammad Ali Shabbir highlighted the Congress party’s historic contribution of securing a 4 percent reservation for minorities, which remains intact. He contrasted this achievement with the unfulfilled promise made by KCR, wherein he pledged a 12 percent reservation for Muslims, but no tangible progress has been observed over the past nine years. The committee’s review extended beyond minority welfare, encompassing the safeguarding of waqf properties. Shabbir revealed that the committee had received a range of suggestions, which would be thoroughly examined in forthcoming discussions.

Manikrao Thakre further accentuated the erosion of trust in the incumbent BRS government. Drawing parallels with Karnataka, Thakre expressed confidence in garnering extensive support from the minority community for the Congress in Telangana. He reaffirmed the Congress government’s commitment to advocate for the maintenance of the 4 percent reservation through effective representation before the Supreme Court, ensuring the continued provision of reservation for Muslims.

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