Telangana govt spends 78 cr for Bonalu in 9 years, delay in minority loans questioned

Delayed processing of loan applications within Minority Finance Corporation has left many aspiring individuals frustrated and disillusioned

Hyderabad: The Telangana government’s allocation of Rs 78 crore over the past nine years for the Bonalu festival has drawn attention to the discrimination faced by minorities. While this year’s festival is being prepared with an allocation of Rs 15 crore, minority leaders while welcoming the government’s move for the welfare of Hindu community, have raised concerns about the delay in issuing loans to unemployed youth under the Telangana State Minority Finance Corporation’s scheme.

According to minority activist Miskeen Ahmed, the State Government of Telangana received over 3.80 lakh loan applications in the past nine years, seeking to empower unemployed youth through the scheme. However, none of these applications have been processed or loans issued thus far. Miskeen highlighted that during the financial year 2015-16, more than 1,60,000 youth applied for loans, but the applications were later cancelled. It was promised that subsidy amounts totaling Rs 120 crore would be disbursed before the start of the financial year. Nevertheless, the applications received in 2022 are still pending with no progress made towards resolving them.

Miskeen Ahmed

The apparent discrepancy between the government’s spending on the Bonalu festival, amounting to Rs 78 crore over nine years, and the lack of funds to provide loans to minorities, particularly Muslim youth, has raised concerns among community leaders. Miskeen pointed out that it costs applicants a minimum of Rs 2,000 to file an application with the Minority Finance Corporation, considering expenses other than the creation of an income certificate. In 2022, over 200,000 applications were submitted following the announcement of receiving applications. Despite assurances from Muslim leaders within the government regarding the resolution of these applications and the issuance of loans, it appears that the implementation of such measures is not feasible.

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The delayed processing of loan applications within the Minority Finance Corporation has left many aspiring individuals frustrated and disillusioned. The financial burden placed on applicants during the application process further compounds the issue. While the government is quick to allocate substantial funds for festivals, the lack of prioritization for empowering minority youth through employment opportunities raises questions about the administration’s commitment to addressing the needs of the marginalized communities.

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