Telangana: Key resolutions passed by BRS for qualitative change in country

While introducing the resolution, the BRS working president KT Rama Rao said the nation should draw inspiration from the party's successful 15-year-long fight for Telangana statehood.

Hyderabad: The Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) passed resolutions seeking qualitative change in the country, at the party’s plenary on Thursday.

BRS sought linking of agriculture with MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi NREGA. Ministry of Rural Development, Government Of India), integration of agriculture with electricity, irrigation projects as well as welfare schemes being implemented by them.

While introducing the resolution, the BRS working president KT Rama Rao said the nation should draw inspiration from the party’s successful 15-year-long fight for Telangana statehood.

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“Despite being replete with natural resources and being the world’s largest democracy, India was still plagued with basic issues like provision of sufficient water for households and farmers, communal differences, and unemployment among others,” said KTR.

Talking about freshwater usage, KTR said, “About 70,000 tmc ft of water flows in the rivers, of which only 20,000 tmc is being utilised. If the water that is flowing into the sea is utilised, water could be supplied to all the 41 crore acres of cultivable land.”

Because previous governments allowed 50,000 tmc ft to the sea, there was a severe shortage of drinking and irrigation water in all the states except in Telangana, to rule out which the state government has uptaken irrigation projects,” added the minister.

Pointing to the fact that smaller countries were building reservoirs, KTR said, “The world’s largest reservoir was built by a small country like Zimbabwe. Farmers are committing suicide in several states as a result of a lack of farmer-friendly policies at the national and state levels.”

Speaking on the benefits of the scheme introduced by the state, KTR highlighted that the welfare schemes cover individuals of different age groups, from infants to the elderly.

A resolution moved on education and employment criticised Centre’s bias against Telangana, which had resulted in a lack of medical colleges, nursing schools, and higher education institutes in the state.

KTR further said that if Prime Minister Narendra Modi had kept his promise of creating two crore jobs per year, the BJP would not have needed to hold unemployment marches.

A resolution to highlight the failures of the Modi government was also moved, underlining the rise in the prices of essential commodities and the continual hikes in fuel prices.

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