Telangana: Sunstroke cases at a two year high

Hyderabad: With the mercury hitting 40 degrees in parts of Telangana, the state has recorded 40 cases of sunstroke in the months of February and March, which is a record 2-year-high.

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Based on its research, the Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) and health experts have issued an alert with regard to the rising possibility of heatstroke in the state. On Saturday, three districts including Adilabad, Mahabubnagar and Medak recorded temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius.

These 40 cases of sunstroke were attended to by 108 emergency ambulance services. These account for 0.05 percent of the total cases recorded in a month. The month of February witnessed 17 cases of sunstroke, which is higher than the previous 2 years.

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“During last year, most of the winds were easterly, this year the winds are north easterly. The temperature in the north is already high and that’s why we are having dry winds coming towards Telangana. As a result, there is one or two-degree higher temperature this year. We are not yet having a heat wave,” Indian Meteorological Department, Telangana head K Nagaratna was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

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