Telangana Urdu Academy reinstates funds for infrastructure in Urdu medium schools

A total of Rs 1.66 crore has been approved for 333 Urdu medium schools

Hyderabad: The Telangana Urdu Academy reinstates funds that were previously withdrawn from the Director of School Education. The Chairman of the Urdu Academy, Mohammad Khwaja Mujeebuddin, has announced that a total of Rs 1.66 crore has been approved for 333 Urdu medium schools, with each school receiving Rs 50,000 for the purpose of enhancing infrastructure.

Initially, the approved funds were disbursed to the respective schools. However, it was discovered that an amount of Rs 78.5 lakh from 157 schools had been returned to the account of the Director of School Education. Recognizing the importance of these funds for the development of Urdu-medium schools, the Urdu Academy promptly took action to rectify the situation.

Chairman Mujeebuddin assured that the funds have been successfully reserved for the 157 schools, ensuring that the financial resources are available for infrastructure improvement. Today, an amount of Rs 30.7 lakh has been released to 74 schools, marking a significant milestone in facilitating the much-needed upgrades in their facilities. To ensure a smooth process, the Urdu Academy has requested the cooperation of the bank manager in assisting the headmasters of the schools with the fund transfer.

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Furthermore, the schools have been advised to resubmit their applications for the allocation of funds. This step is essential to ensure that the deserving schools receive the approved amounts and can proceed with infrastructure development initiatives. By resubmitting their applications, the schools can reaffirm their commitment to enhancing the educational environment for Urdu-medium students.

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