Telangana: Water issues faced by tribals in Adilabad, resolved

Hyderabad: A video of a group of tribals from Bela Mandal Dubbaguda in the Adilabad district surfaced on social media, on Wednesday, where people can be seen filtering groundwater. “They have been hunting for hours for drinking water in the river,” read the original post. However, officials stated that it was only a temporary hiccup.

Officials of Mission Bagiratha, the Telangana state government’s project for safe drinking water, were quick to respond that the area did indeed have access to clean drinking water. “#MissionBhagiratha has a strong response mechanism. Our officials have verified by visiting the village and water supply is being made. We appreciate information on gaps in supply of water to people.”

They further requested people to verify claims before posting as it will “lead to misinformation.”

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An official with the Mission Bagiratha in conversation with said that the tribals in the video are residents of a settlement outside Dubbaguda.

“The locals of the area are mostly families that cohabit. The government provides the settlement with water, and then the families split up and live in other places.” He said that this was the case in Dubbaguda, where families split up and made settlements outside the area recorded by the mission.

Government officials supplying water and storage tank to the newly-formed settlement near Dubbaguda.

“The government provided the settlement with a borewell, but because of local disputes, it was out of order. The residents faced water issues for two days, but now repairs are underway and a water storage tank is also being placed,” he informed.

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