Christmas, New Year celebrations by Indian community in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah: The Indian Christian Community living in Western Region of Saudi Arabia has celebrated Christmas and New Year with great zeal at the Indian Consulate on Friday evening.

The Christmas and New Year celebrations held on Friday (6th January), nearly two weeks after the actual date, at the Indian Consulate in Jeddah reflected the unity in diversity. This is the second massive Christmas event in Saudi Arabia conducted by the Indian Consulate with collaboration with Indian Christian Community (ICC) that comprises community members of various Indian states.

The event was formally inaugurated by cutting cake by Consul General Mohammed Shahid Alam along with his wife Shakeela Shahid, flanked by all senior diplomats and Christian community leaders.

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The Christian community plays a vital role in earning goodwill for Indians in Saudi Arabia through its significant workforce in the healthcare field, said Shahid Alam in his speech. The Indian consulate always with its nationals whether in joy or sorrow, he added.

“The Christmas celebrations for Indians made possible only by Consul General Shahid Alam ”, said Manjor Mathew of Indian Christian Community.

“We pray to show the world a new path in sustainability and development through India’s leadership of G-20, we want to succeed as milestone” Pastor Hanok Abhinay prayed in his Christmas prayer.

Pastor Hanok Abhinay

Rev. George Varghese led the opening prayer with a spiritual atmosphere.

Since the majority of Indian Christians in Saudi Arabia hails from the state of Kerala, various Malayali churches held different cultural performances that not only thrilled the audience but also reflected the deep ancient Indian traditions embodied in it.

The children’s cultural performances by Syro Malabar Orthodox Church kept the audience captive and last year also they robbed the hearts with dazzling shows.

The Glorious Telugu Church (GTC) performed a carol in Hindi that has a resemblance with Qawwali also liked by many.

The tiny yet highly acknowledged professional Christian community living in Saudi Arabia is known for its service nature and professionalism in the crucial health sector in the Kingdom.

India foreign policy always focuses on peaceful negotiation and multilateralism with the concept of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam or the philosophy that the world is my family. Indian missions in Gulf countries deal with a vast diaspora with the spirit of oneness. Not only rendering the required assistance but also facilitating their premises to hold various important events of different ethnic groups.

In the past Indian Christians were celebrating secretly and attending the event at consulates of other countries, however, Shahid Alam has changed the dynamics.

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