‘Thook jihad’: Bajrang Dal creates ruckus at Muslim run juice shop in Delhi

'Thook Jihad' (Spit Jihad) like 'Love Jihad' is a Hindutva conspiracy theory created in an attempt to push the Muslim community towards economic marginalisation.

Members of the Bajrang Dal created a ruckus objecting to a Hindu shop owner, Raju, renting out his shop to a Muslim juice seller under the former’s name.

Raju, who owns the juice shop in Delhi’s Najafgarh, lent his shop, ‘Raju Juice and Shakes’, to Mohammed Zaid who runs the shop under the banner.

In the video of the incident which surfaced on social media platforms the Hindutva members, reportedly from Bajrang Dal, clad in a saffron scarves, are seen questioning the owner of the shop, run by a Muslim man, with a Hindu name.

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Upon noticing that the shop is run by one Mohammed Zaid, they objected and asked the owner Raju to change the name of the shop to a ‘Muslim name’ instead of a ‘Hindu name’.

“If the shop runner is Muslim then why is the Hindu name mentioned on the nameplate?” questioned the men. The shop owner responded that the name was already there before renting it out. “The barcode displays his name. Why don’t you name it after the one running it?”

“The name can be anything. What is the problem in that..?” asked the owner before the men pushed that they must name it after the one running the shop.

“Hindu naam mat do. Confusion mat karo. (Don’t give it a Hindu name. Don’t create confusion.). Ye thook jihad aur tarah tarah ke dramey kartey hain. (They carry out thook jihad and other similar things),” they alleged.

Thook Jihad’ (Spit Jihad) like ‘Love Jihad’ is a Hindutva conspiracy theory created in an attempt to push the Muslim community towards economic marginalisation.

“Agar Muslman juice pila raha hai toh Musalman ka naam likho na usmie. Payment wo le raha hai. Zaid pila raha hai toh Zaid ka naam likhwao. Change karwa lena isko (If a Muslim man is serving juice then write a Muslim name. If Zaid is running it, write his name),” they said.

To that, the owner responded that he is going to get the name changed. “If I get it vacated, it will affect his livelihood. I will suffer a loss that is a separate thing. He is already working,” added the owner, sympathetic towards the Rentee.

The Bajrang Dal men then asked the owner to rent it to a Hindu. “A Hindu who can make juice. We do not know if they are spitting in it and Hindus are enjoying and drinking it. Nobody knows if they spat into it or pissed in it or added medicines to make Hindus impotent,” they claimed.

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