Upswing in flats, plots and home sales in Telangana

Hyderabad: The number of those wishing to purchase their own homes and invest in land properties is increasing across the state.  The figures during the last 8 years clearly indicate that there is an upswing in the sale of flats and plots. In keeping with the future returns investors are focusing on these two segments.

Last year the Department of registration and stamp earned Rs. 10,997 crores out of which  Rs 7560 crores were received on account of sale transactions of flats, open plots and homes.

The Department also earned  Rs 1534 crores on account of agriculture land transactions.  The remaining income was generated through settlements and other sources.

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During the financial year 2021 22 the share of the agricultural lands was 44.94%, open plot  40.94%, homes 7.93%, flats 6.49% as shown by the report issued by the department of Stamp and Registration.

There is a four times increase across the state in the purchase and sales of flats.  During the year 2014-15, 41000 registrations were recorded which generated Rs. 654.5 crore for the government.  During the financial year 2018-19 the department of registration and Stamp earned Rs. 1300 crore while during 2021-22 the department earned Rs 2800 crore through 87000 registrations.

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