Viral video: Odisha woman cooks rotis on car’s bonnet

While the country is reeling under high cooking prices and flaming heat this woman from Sonepur town of Odisha has found a way to tackle both. She cooks rotis on a car’s bonnet.

That’s right. A video has emerged on the internet where a woman is seen making rotis with the help of the sun’s rays. She first makes the rotis with the belan (rolling pin) and then puts the round roti on the bonnet for the sun to do its work.

The video has been viewed 60.9K times and has received several comments since it was uploaded. Many people have voiced their opinions and shared their experiences in the scorching hot summer sun.

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“Yesterday, my hand got burnt when I was moving my bike in the shade from the sun,” one person said. “I think it’s better to get a solar cooker because it’s very easy to cook within minutes, rather than waiting for hours to cook,” another person said. Others laughed as well when they saw the video.

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