Why men shouldn’t ignore sexual wellness issues

Many people refrain from seeking treatment regarding sexual problems due to a lack of awareness and right online platforms in the country.

New Delhi: When was the last time you heard a man discussing his sexual wellness in a peer group or a social setting, or even with his loved ones? Chances are, you have never heard of such a thing. These conversations, while critical, just do not happen.

While as individuals, we are hardwired to share our issues with our near and dear ones, certain conversations still take place in hushed tones. Sexual wellness is one such topic. Since such issues are not spoken about and people refrain from seeking treatment due to a lack of awareness and right online platforms in the country.

Just like physical and mental well-being, men must take care of sexual wellness to lead a healthy and happy life. Thankfully, we’re on our way to speaking out loud about these issues as a society. Sexual wellness consultations increased by almost 139% in the year 2020 compared with the previous year.

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Performance Pressure

Sexual health and effectiveness are taboo in society and specifically for men for various reasons. It is often assumed that sexual activity comes more naturally to men than women. While that is untrue, this notion gets even more troublesome when men aren’t able to perform in bed. Men suffer from performance anxiety a lot more than women, which is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

The commonly used term for ED is impotence. The mere association of this word with men arouses discomfort in social circles and, more often than not, leads to a scarred image. But the problem is not as rare, just less talked about.

As per the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, nearly half of the men in the age group of 40 to 70 face this issue due to reasons varying from arterial malfunction or other abnormalities that can be checked and treated. ED can be caused by endocrinological diseases such as prostate malfunction, hypogonadism, or even diabetes.

Trouble maintaining an erection could very well be caused by fibrosis or atrophy, which is a sufficiently organic process but could also be caused due to drugs or smoke. Another myth surrounding men’s sexual health is that ED is a psychological disorder. While the cause could be neurological, the issue definitely needs to be probed for clarity and subsequent treatment.

Low Libido

Libido comes naturally to all genders, given they’re in a suitable space in their head. Sexual pleasure is a recreational activity that does not need to be and ideally is not supposed to be imposed upon anyone. So, not being in the right mind space, like experiencing stress or anxiety, could lead to low libido. There could be very many reasons that need to get checked by an expert.

Premature Ejaculation

Generally, one out of three men has been known to complain about premature orgasm. This creates a lot of pressure upon men as they feel they’re somehow incapable of pleasing their women. This further causes a loss of self-confidence, adversely impacting their mental health and even leading to severe problems.

Those days are gone when there wasn’t any scientific explanation for biological processes. Society has advanced a great deal to know for sure that there are underlying causes for many of the activities affecting sexual health. All the community collectively needs to do now is talk openly about sexual diseases and discomfort like other diseases. The bubble needs to burst now more than ever when we are experiencing a time when multiple genders exist in society.

Sexual pleasure, like any other need in life, is an individual’s responsibility. But acceptance in relationships plays a significant role in bringing that sort of communication out loud. This helps improve relationships and emotional health and leads to enhanced confidence and perspective in all aspects of life. Again, acceptance is the key in the end.

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